Event Sponsors : Leader Corporate Services Limite & Indo-OIC islamic Chamber of commerce & industry-IICCI Ms. Belinda Wong, National Director For Hong Kong of IICCI. **Gift Sponspor : New York Times.
ASIA CEO COMMUNITY - CEO ROUND-TABLE 2018, Which was held in Hong Kong on dated. 26 January 2018 the subject was" Asia CEO Community" (luncheon on 26 Jan 2018 , Hong Kong.)
ASIA CEO main purpose is to support our 3,000+ members to grow their business through networking opportunities and seminars designed specifically for C-level executives. If you are interested in joining us, please email us your contact information to [email protected]

Guest Speaker was: Click Here To See Group PIC
David - Co- Managing Director, Quantitative Investment Solutions at Value Partners Group(HKEX Stock Code: 0806)
Members Attended was :
1. Simon Mak - CEO at Ascent Partners Group Ltd 2. Colin Sze – Former CEO at DCML Capital Asset Management 3. Gary Lam - ASIA CEO COMMUNITY 4. Wilson - Founder at Institute of Finanaical Technologist of Asia Limited 5. Michael - Chief Consultant at Rookiehk, (Founder of 2 Hong Kong Listco associated companies, both companies specialize in e-Commerce and e-learning solutions. Operated and under his management for 9 years.) 6. Naso - CFO at Time Watch Investments Limited (HKEX stock code: 2033) 7. Lynn - CEO at Swiss Vanquest AG 8. David - CEO at ENM Holdings Ltd (HKEX Stock Code: 0128) 9. Allen – Group CFO at Ovolo Hotels 10. Belinda Wong - Director of Leader Corporate Services Limited 11. Dr. Ken - Independent Director of 3 Listed Singaporean Companies 12. Jack - Former CIO and Managing Partner at CAIDAO Capital Ltd 13. Canio Pang - Audit Partner at ZHONGHUI ANDA CPA Limited 14. Sam - MD of Total Loyalty Company 15. Dom - Managing Partner at SociaLink Consultancy Ltd 16. Andy – Director and RO at Shining International holdings Limited 17. Tommy - MD at PPC ltd 18. Fletcher - VP of IT Committee and Board of Directors Invotech HK Ltd 19. Jacky Tsoi – Director & Financial Controller at Albania Investment Projects 20. John - Consultant at Prosmart Consultants Ltd 21. Christopher - CEO & Executive Director at Multi-B Sdn Bhd & M Power International Ltd
More information & Photo:
Best Regards, Gary Lam

National Brand AwardsThe Global Halal Expo - India 2017 -
Global News : Indo-OIC Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry- IICCI ( has supported The Global Halal Expo - India 2017, which is going to be held in Hyderabad,  Venue: City Convention Centres, Hyderabad, Indias from 15th to 17th June 2017. (For details, contract at : [email protected]) IICCI.

THE EXPO The Global Halal Expo 2017 opens the gateway to over US$ 1.1 Trillion Market - The Muslim Consumers!

Staged in Hyderabad, 'The city of Nizams' at the City Convention Centre, the expo promises to be first of kind trade expo in India. The Global Halal Expo 2017 will run the information drive on benefits and advantages of halal certification and the and will unlock the true potential of the Islamic market globally. Learn to interact and do business in the US $ 1.1 Trillion Market only in halal segment.

The Global Halal Expo 2017 will not only promote trade between the rest of the world and Islamic world it will also create awareness on 'Halal' living and the wider concept of halal and its extension to industries besides food & beverages.

The show will bring to you on a platter the macro and micro fundamentals of a halal economy.

To know more. click here

National Brand AwardsNational Brand Awards - In Collaboration with "International Nobel Peace Prize Recommendation Forum-INPPRF" and "International Non-Olympic University - INOU". The Indo-OIC Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry -IICCI has signed a MOU with INPPRF and INOU joinly that all category of Awards of National Brands Awards would be given each year to IICCI Members in OIC Nations.

The INPPRF and INOU has (5) five category of awards to identify, recognize, facilitate and issue certificate etc., to those who are eligible for these categories as National Brand Awards from Business, Industry, Individual and INOU International Education Awards from Global Education Society. NBA Awards Website Click Here

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