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The iPlus TV Channel (iPlus Telemedia Private Limited is a Satalite TV Channel has entered into Exclusive Partnership & Patronage-ship with Indo-OIC Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry-IICCI to have complete financial powers and responsibility of iPlus TV to Dr. Mohammed Seraj Ansari, Global President, Indo-OIC Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry-IICCI. Dr. Mohammed Seraj Ansari is fully empowered to take decisions regarding all financial aspects of the channel like ; bringing investors, commercial marketing, revenue sources etc. as well as global expansion of iPlus TV including constituting advisory board for iPlus TV in the Country and also individual countries of the world or within IICCI's own global networks.

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The Global President of IICCI Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI is inviting investors, commercial marketing companies, reputed ads agencies, professionals, from India and each countries of the World for associations & collaborations, the IICCI & iPlus TV is ready to launch iPlus TV Channel in each regional language in India as well as in each countries of the world. The Global President of IICCI & iPlus TV is open to discuss any unique collaboration from any country of the world.

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iPlus TV is a 24 x 7 Channel Registered with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Government of India. The telecast started in April 2015 and has continued non-stop since then. Chrome Data and Analytics has given the penetration of the channel as 22.5 Million. The channel is also reaching audiences through its own App (more than 100,000 downloads on Android alone), Jio Tv App (100 Million Downloads) and other platforms. iPlus TV worked on a Donation funded model since 4 years and has built Brand Presence, a loyal viewership, credibility and reach. It is now looking for expansion and a commercial launch.

The channel has produced 1000's of episodes for different target audiences. Its own Production house has worked with discipline to achieve production goals routinely. This has given the channel the confidence to handle the commercial programs with professional expertise.

The ever-growing Halaal Products industry is in need of targeted Media to reach Muslim consumers. It is our perception that both of these can be combined and it can create a good opportunity for Halaal Businesses and Islamic Spiritual Media. Initial market surveys over the last 3 months conducted by Mr M.V. Mohsin who organises Halaal Expo in the Country has shown that companies selling Halaal Certified Products are very interested in this opportunity.

The Plan is that the current operations of iPlus TV should be scaled up and special programs with commercial potential should be launched. Secondly the reach of iPlus Tv should be increased from 22.5 Million homes to all 195 Million Tv homes of India. Thirdly this model deserves a broad-based launch in multiple languages of India and in other potential countries.

Important : The ISE Cards India Limited (ISE) is an Exclusive Global Commercial Partnership of Indo-OIC Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry-IICCI for executing on behalf all commercial activities, commercial rights, (Sponsorship, Events, Conferences, Exhibitions, Seminars, and Training Programs etc.,). Click Here

The IICCI has their own networks and offices in over 50 Member's Countries in "America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle Countries, which would be extended over 196 Countries in coming 2 to 5 years, which ISE can use the same networks for promoting iPlus TV Channel and all type of global businesses.

Any investment, commercial partnership, sponsorship and products ads for iPlus TV, please write to : E-mail

IICCI & ISE Global Partnership

India 1st "Islamic TV Channel under the Partnership & Patronage of IICCI :

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