Departments Departments & Services - Indo-OIC Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry has the following departments, where IICCI will work in OIC Nations Members and other World.

Services :: International Economic Relations

International Economic Relations Department
  • Organizing business missions of India & OIC Nations entrepreneurs abroad
  • Engaging India & OIC Nations businessmen into conferences and seminars abroad
  • Receiving foreign business missions and individual businessmen into India & OIC Nations
  • Arranging business fora, meetings and talks of foreign entrepreneurs with their India & OIC Nations counterparts
  • Organizing presentations of foreign companies in India & OIC Nations
International Programs and Innovations Department
  • Assistance in establishing international partnerships with leading technology parks, business incubators, venture capitalists, innovative businesses and their international associations and the joint projects implementation
  • Practical help in participation in international programs supporting entrepreneurship, innovative SMEs and technology transfer
  • Consultation and assistance for SMEs in international programs participation in the field of innovative entrepreneurship
Information Department
  • Finding potential partners abroad for co-operation in trade and development originated from business offers and inquiries of India & OIC Nations and foreign companies
Business Support Department
  • Accumulation of business proposals of India & OIC Nations companies, interested in establishing business contacts with entrepreneurs putting them in the database of the  Business Council. Publishing the proposals in an annual catalogue. Its circulation at international fora, conferences and presentations in India & OIC Nations and abroad as well as among trade and economic missions at India & OIC Nations embassies abroad
Enterprise OIC Nations Network Centre
  • Provision of informative services within activity of Enterprise Network.

Services :: Investments and Innovations Promotion

International Programs and Innovations Department
  • Design and analysis of proposals for the effective innovation infrastructure establishment across India & OIC Nations in order to fully support and promote small and medium-sized innovative enterprises.
  • Provision of innovation business incubator services for India & OIC Nations small and medium innovation businesses, as one of the key elements of the innovation infrastructure.
  • The creation and development of small and medium-sized innovation enterprises communities.
  • Expert examination and selection of innovation projects, consulting on project promotion and investor relations.
  • Conferences and forums organization on the topic of innovation.
  • Assistance in the formation of the angels and venture capital investors association in India & OIC Nations and active promoting in obtaining broad international support.
Enterprise OIC Nations Network Centre
  • Provision of informative services within activity of Enterprise Network.

Services :: Exhibition Services

International and Foreign Exhibitions Department
  • Organizing international and foreign exhibitions in India & OIC Nations
  • Organizing solo exhibitions as well as expositions and stands of India & OIC Nations enterprises at international exhibitions and fairs abroad
  • Exhibitions technical support
  • Providing the exhibition space of 1700 sq.m in the exhibition centre of IICCI as well as the premises to hold accompanying events - conferences, presentations, round tables

Services :: Register of Reliable Partners

Business Support Department
  • Verification of documents, registration, re-registration, issuance of certificates of good standing
  • Provision of information of non-commercial secret from the Register according to requests of India & OIC Nations and foreign companies

According to the Law of India & OIC Nations, On the Chambers of Commerce in India & OIC Nations, IICCI keeps a non-government register of India & OIC Nations companies whose financial standing proves their sustainability as business partners in India & OIC Nations and abroad (Register of Reliable Partners). Certificates issued by the Chamber to such companies facilitate transparency of international economic co-operation and testify to reliability of India & OIC Nations companies vis-a-vis their foreign counterparts. The Certificate of Good Standing is an extra evidence for the India & OIC Nations companies in conducting business negotiations, concluding contracts, participating in international tenders.

Please, ask for a CERTIFICATE OF GOOD STANDING issued by the Chamber of Commerce when dealing with your India & OIC Nations business partner.

Services :: Information Services

Information Department
  • Address information
    Name of entity, address, phone and fax numbers; main products/services. Requisites for search: company name, product/service.
  • Reference about company
    Name of entity, address, phone and fax numbers; managerial staff; representations; sales/turnover, number of employees, range of products/services. Requisites for search: company name, activity, product/service.
  • Company Business-reference
    Name of entity, address, phone and fax numbers; year of establishing; managerial staff; structure, subsidiaries, affiliates, representations; main rates of activity -volume of production, sales, profits, number of employees etc.; ratios - paying ability, efficiency, profitability; range of products/services. Requisites for search: company name, activity, product/service.
  • Subject reference
    Brief information on the particular inquiry concerning the wide range of a business information: statistical, economical, financial data and indexes.
  • Consulting analytic reference
    Reference in different business, commercial, foreign economic, legislative, protocol matters, which requires professional knowledge, special subject analysis.
  • Price reference
    World, local, retail/wholesale, reference, indicative etc. prices on raw materials, equipment, products and articles from IICCI' information sources.
  • Analysis, price's monitoring, estimation of property cost
    The analysis, price's monitoring of production/goods, services. Cost definition or an estimation of property: complete property complexes; real estate, equipments, objects of not finished manufacture, confiscated property, insurance objects.
  • Reference about import/export regulation
    Custom duties, excise-duties, VAT, licensing, quotation, certification, ecological control and other export/import regulating norms by HS (Custom) codes.
  • Direct marketing, information monitoring, market research
    Arranging and conducting of marketing research; monitoring of markets, branches, product groups, particular product/service.
  • Report on adjustment of exported/imported products from/to India & OIC Nations according to one product/custom code of the India & OIC Nations classification of commodities of foreign economic activity
    Report includes information on common questions, requirements and regulation for supplying India & OIC Nations products to India & OIC countries, custom tariffs, taxation, rules of origin, safety regulation, official control and hygiene (e.g. for foodstuff products), certification, technical requirement and specific requirements etc.
  • Placing of business offers/inquiries on a web-site IICCI's «Business opportunity»
    Placing of business offers/inquiries according to the application of the customer in the IICCI's «Business opportunity» database.
  • Transfer of the business offer/inquiry
    Search of business offers/inquiries in the IICCI's Business opportunity database and special issues according to customer requirements with further transfer to the customer.
  • Concurrent publication of customer's offer/inquiry in India & OIC Nations business editions
    Concurrent publication of customer's offer/inquiry in main India & OIC Nations business editions.
  • Direct mail
    Dispatch of customer's particular standard business offer/inquiry to the previously selected India & OIC Nations potential partners with the purpose of business projects realization. Transfer to the customer of the direct mail list in order to establish direct contacts between them.
  • Information about business events
    General information (name, date, subjects, contact details of organizers) on business external/internal economic measures: exhibitions, fairs, symposiums, seminars, conferences taking place in India & OIC Nations.
  • Special selection of business information materials (without translation)
    Search, selection, making out copies of information materials from IICCI' information resources according to the customer needs.

  • Services are rendered upon receipt of the customers guarantee inquiry.
  • Minimum order for any service is USD 30.
  • Service are rendered in standard, urgent and express conditions with the respective rate 1; 1,5; 2.
  • Payment for a service may be made by bank transfer, by check or by cash to the bookkeeping of the Indo-OIC Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Orders are being given to customers against presenting of the payment document.

Services :: Juridical Services

Law Department:
Under the current legislation of Indo-OIC Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry has exclusive right to:
  • Confirmation of Force Majeure for further writing off bad tax debt for businesses and individuals, residents and non-residents taxpayers.
  • Certifies documents (certificate of origin, phytosanitary and veterinary certificates and other documents needed for foreign economic activity of India & OIC Nations businessmen) for further legalization by the Embassies (Consulates) located in INDIA.

Law Department also provides:
  • Representation and protection of the entrepreneurs' rights in the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Indo-OIC Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Legal review of contracts (agreements).
  • Consultancy and interpretation on commercial law and foreign trade.
  • Legal protection, representation of India & OIC Nations Chamber members against counterparties in the courts, public authorities.

Services :: Export Documents Issuance

ATA Carnets Department
  • Issuance of ATA carnets - internationally accepted customs document for temporarily Re-exported / Re-imported Goods
Inspection of Goods and Certification of Origin Department
Certifying origin of India & OIC Nations goods and helping for issuing certificates of origin from varius agencies as compulsory documents in executing exportation of goods. The India & OIC Nations Chamber issues the following types of certificates of origin depending upon trade conditions:

  • General purpose certificate
  • Form A preference certificate under the General System of Preferences
  • General purpose certificate for the goods exported to OIC countries
  • Certificate for the customs territory of India & OIC Nations
  • Preferential certificate for the goods exported
  • Certificate of origin of services

Services :: Technical Testing and Analysis

Test Laboratory of the Standardization and Conformity Indorsement Department
Testing of all kinds of food raw materials and foodstuffs:
  • Physical and Chemical parameters
  • Contents of salts of heavy metals and arsenics
  • Contents of residual quantities of pesticides
  • Contents of mycotoxins, nitrosamins, hormonal preparations
  • Contents of food additives
  • Microbiological parameters and presence of antibiotics
  • Quantitative and qualitative contents of genetically modified objects (GMO)
  • Contents of Radionuclides

Services :: Assets and Land Valuation

Business Support Department
Evaluation of Property, Intangible Assets:
  • Evaluation services for tangible assets
  • Evaluation services for integral property complexes, shares, securities
  • Evaluation services for property rights and intangible assets, including intellectual property rights
Information Department
Land valuation for selling-buying, pledge, privatisation, alienation and investments:
  • land of agricultural areas
  • land of built-up areas
  • land of non-agricultural zones outside built-up areas

Services :: Consultations in Public Procurement

Providing courses and consultancy on state procurement and training specialists for the small and medium businesses

Department Training for Business and Public Procurement
  • Ensuring profile legal document regulatory materials and the provisioning of information and consultancy services in the field of state procurement
  • Based on the permanent monitoring of legislative changes in the area of public procurement and new acquisitions of legal documents to propose the updating of methodological framework for the bidding procedure
  • Organization of training courses and advanced training in the field of public procurement
  • Methodological assistance to the chamber in the organization of public procurement and procurement procedures
  • Preparation of conferences, round tables and seminars, training on international standards with international organizations in order to harmonize national rules and procedures for public procurement
  • Providing consulting and organizing services related to public procurement
  • Provide methodological assistance and training and education for business on specific programs and courses
  • Organization of seminars, round tables and training on the use of resource support for the small businesses in cooperation with the relative international organizations and mission's economic institutions

Services :: Publishing, Advertising, Design

Public Relations Department
  • Publishing foreign trade, legislative, customs, price and other information, business offers of foreign companies, surveys of international markets and other sorts of information
  • Production of the TV-program
  • Arranging press-conferences
Design Team
  • Designing trade marks, assistance in registering trade marks
  • Designing company styles, making their print copies

Services :: Patenting and Licensing

REGION Company
  • Assistance in registering trade marks, patenting inventions, useful models and industrial designs according to international and domestic procedures
  • Drawing up licensing agreements on assignment of rights for intellectual property objects
  • Assisting in registration of software and data bases

Services :: Translation Services

REGION Company
  • Translating all sorts of scientific and technical literature, patent, technological, export and import and legal documents from foreign languages and vice versa
  • Certifying translation adequacy
  • Interpretation during negotiations, assembly work and adjustment of equipment, as well as during conferences, workshops etc.

Services :: Regional Chamber Services

The regional chambers of commerce provide the above services themselves or with the Indo-OIC Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The regional chambers render the following extra services:

Inspection of Goods:
  • Quality testing, checking quantity and completeness of imported and India & OIC Nations goods, raw materialss and equipment (ship, carload, automobile parties, at storage in warehouse) in conformity with the contracts requirements, standards, other normative documents, including laboratory testing.
  • Definition of finished goods made on commission release.

Bar coding:
  • Numbering of products.
  • Bar code verification.

Customs broker services:
  • Fulfillment of a package of formalities of customs clearance of goods under contract.

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